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Q: What does News Anew do?
A: News Anew primarily makes documentaries on current affairs issues and provides other media services including production training, use of SNG and studios for programs and also an extensive selection of films to use in our archive on Iran and Britain.
Q: Can I pitch my idea for making a documentary?
A: Yes you can, please see the Pitch Documentary Ideas (link to Pitch Documentary Ideas)
Q: Which type of subjects can I pitch?
A: Current affairs with focus on the Middle East, Third World countries.
Q: How long will the review and approval of my documentary take?
A: It will usually take between two or three weeks.
Q: What will be the budget for News Anew offering to make the documentary?
A: This depends on the subject and the number of episodes.
Q: I have never made a documentary; can I still pitch my idea?
A: Yes, you can, but if you receive a successful proposal you need to introduce a director, whom you will work with.
Q: Do I need to send you samples of previous documentaries I have made?
A: If you would like to make the documentary yourself upon approval of your proposal you have to provide a show reel.
Q: If News Anew feels my previous films/programs do not meet to their expectation what can I do?
A: You have to introduce a director (News Anew will also ask the introduced director for a show reel as well).
Q: If I failed to pitch my documentary idea what will happen to my proposal?
A: All ideas that you pitched with News Anew will be confidential and if the proposal is not successful we will remove the idea(s) from our database.
Q: Can I hire the studio without your equipment?
A: We do not offer empty studio hire.
Q: Are professionals included to operate the studio?
A: We would usually assist you with operating and it would be included in the price.
Q: What formats are the clips we buy from the archive?
A: When you fill the form (link to footage order) News Anew will try to meet your request(s) for the format.
Q: How big are the classes? A: Training courses have a maximum class size of 4. If you would like to arrange training on a one to one basis a private session can be provided.
Q: Can you tell me more about the trainees who apply for your courses?
A: Our trainees come from a cross section of different backgrounds including students and people who want to gain experience in the professional media industry.